Saturday, 19 June 2010

Blog competition-not mine

Hi everyone!! is having a competition! There is lots of good prizes! The competition finishes on the 6th of July at midnight.

The blog is very good so take a look!

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, 14 June 2010


Hii everyone,
Well hopefully tomorrow my mum will take me to a cute little craft shop that specialises in card making!! I have some bits and bobs but want to make some more serious stuff now.
My mum is going to set up a folksy shop for me and she will sell jewellery i have made, cards that i have made, gift boxes i have made, sketches i have sketched and so on. I will keep a pound of every sale to be able to get more supplies but the rest will go to AYME.
When i have a shop on Folksy i will post about and stuff.
Thanks for reading


Heya everyone!!
AYME has been a lifeline for me and will be until i'm better.
Its work is amazing, it helps children and young adults cope with M.E
M.E is a debilitating chronic illness and can last for a few months or your whole life.
People with M.E are affected differently and AYME helps everyone cope.
Please go to the AYME website and donate.

Sunday, 30 May 2010


I like art. I dont like gross art like flies eating a cows head which is in a museum in london :0
I love anime and manga like the lion boy. Its one of my favourite pieces of art.
Hope everyone is good and well.
Jo - f .


This is a bit of a random post to start off with but oh well. I love BBQ's and i think they make it feel like summer already. My favourite thing to have on a BBQ is probably kebabs!!!! Yummmm......... Anyway im going to a BBQ today!!! YUMMMM!
Hope everyone is good and well.
Jo - f .